Labor for Bernie in the News

UE Endorses Bernie Sanders for President -UEUnion 04-24-16


New York Transit Workers Union Endorses Sanders -Politico 04-13-16


Bernie Rocks Buffalo. He Also Did Something Else -The Nation 04-11-16


Wash. mill town workers march for Bernie -People’s World 03-21-16


Labor for Bernie Activists Take the Political Revolution into Their Unions -Labor Notes 03-17-16


Major Transit Union Endorses Bernie Sanders -The Daily Caller 03-14-16


The Labor Movement Fucked Up By Supporting Hillary Clinton -GAWKER 03-14-16


Transportation Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders for President -In These Times 03-14-16




Will Blue-Collar Dems Run to Trump? Fuhgeddaboudit! -POLITICO 03-08-16


AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 endorse Bernie Sanders -Michigan Chronicle 03-07-16


AFSCME Local 25 and Local 2057 endorse Bernie Sanders -Cleveland 03-05-16




Bernie Sanders Campaign Joins Battle to Save Jobs at Nabisco Plant -DNAinfo 03-02-16


Pro-Clinton Union Pressured Labor Official To Back Out Of Sanders Event -The Huffington Post 02-23-16


Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Super PACs Fueled By Labor Money -IBTimes 02-01-16


Local union chapters disregard national leadership to endorse Bernie Sanders -The Guardian 01-26-16


UNITE HERE New England Union Locals Endorse Bernie Sanders: He “Resonates With Our Members” -In These Times 01-25-16


Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide -The Intercept 01-22-16


Bernie Sanders and Unions’ Relationship Status: It’s Complicated -In These Times 01-19-16


Why Did My Union Give an Early Endorsement to Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders -In These Times 01-13-16


Clinton wins union endorsements but still struggles to win over hearts -REUTERS 11-27-15


Lacking endorsements, Sanders relies on local unions -Burlington Free Press 11-27-15


Will Labor Back Bernie?The movement for labor to endorse Bernie Sanders is part of an effort to bring political decision-making back to the rank-and-file. -Jacobin | Reason in Revolt 11-16-15


Labor for Bernie Means Headaches for Hillary -Bloomberg Politics 11-12-15


Labor For Bernie Sanders Activists Say They Are Undeterred By Union Endorsements of Hillary Clinton -In These Times 11-05-15


SEIU, IBEW Locals in New Hampshire Announce Bernie Sanders Endorsement -In These Times 10-23-15


Debate a key opportunity for Bernie Sanders to court union support -Al Jazeera America 10-13-15


Labor unions in no hurry to endorse candidates in cluttered presidential field -The Guardian 10-02-15


Hillary’s Relationship Status with Labor: It’s Complicated -The American Prospect 09-30-15


Clinton endorsement divides teachers union -POLITICO 09-29-15


Blowback as labor bosses, not members, back Clinton -Examiner 09-23-15


Labor for Bernie Pushing Unions To Back Bernie Sanders, Prevent Early Hillary Clinton Endorsements -In These Times 09-10-15


How “Brother” Bernie Is Making Labor’s Day -Portside 08-23-15


Union Members Seem To Want Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton. Will Labor Leadership Follow Them? -In These Times 08-12-15


Wary on Trade, Iowa Unions Aren’t Ready for Hillary Clinton -Bloomberg 08-06-15


Hillary Clinton’s Multi-step Strategy to Woo labor -Politico 07-30-15


Exclusive: AFL-CIO May Delay Endorsement of Clinton as 2016 Presidential Candidate -Reuters 07-25-15


Support for Sanders Grows in Unions -Labor Notes 07-17-15


Labor Leader Joins Bernie Sanders’ Campaign, Citing Clinton’s ‘Silence’ On Fast Track -Huffington Post 07-01-15


Trade Unionists Back Bernie for President! -Daily Kos 06-26-15


More Than 1,000 Local Union Leaders and Members Back Bernie – 06-26-15


Labor for Bernie Kickstarts Effort to Get Unions Behind Sanders With Nearly 2,000 Union Backers -In These Times 06-26-15


Iowa labor leaders call for unions to endorse Sanders -The Gazette 06-26-15