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3 Next Steps in the Political Revolution

Apr 26, 2016

BERNIE SANDERS WILL CAMPAIGN all the way up to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia to seek the nomination—and to continue building the “political revolution.”

What is that political revolution, beyond his call to get the billionaires and corporations out and the people in?

Electing candidates to public office like Sanders—both this year and in years to come—is one leg.

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Bernie Sanders and #OurRevolution just endorsed ColoradoCare Yes on Amendment 69! ... See MoreSee Less

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It takes organized people to defeat organized money. Join Democratic Socialists of America to get organized >>>>>> ... See MoreSee Less

It takes organized people to defeat Wall Street Capitalism. Join the Democratic Socialists of America to join the organized resistance against Wall Street Capitalism.>>>>>>https://dsausa.nationbuild...

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Wall Street and corporate elites are organized. We should be too. That is why many of us are joining with the Democratic Socialists of America to move the revolution forward in our communities and our unions. Join us!
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Labor For Bernie Support Pledge

Senator Sanders has a long-standing commitment to union principles and labor’s values and I stand firmly behind him as the strongest candidate who will articulate our issues. Sanders is the bold, pro-worker alternative.

As a truly progressive candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, Senator Sanders is inspiring millions of Americans with policy proposals that put the interests of the 99%, front and center. His campaign is drawing attention to what unions and collective bargaining have accomplished for workers and is energizing our movement. Take the pledge to vote for Senator Sanders!

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